Bury CE High School FOUNDED 1748

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Virtual Open Event 2021

Welcome to Bury CE High School

We are a church school, not only in name but also in character. We are proud of its Christian heritage and ethos, and we hope that you will sense its special character in all your contacts with people here.

We are small enough to offer a true family feel where we can offer the wrap around care and know each individual pupil as unique and seek to unlock their talents and ability. We are large enough to offer a broad and exciting curriculum based upon the principles of academic excellence and personalising the pathways for all.

We have an excellent transition programme that ensures that, from Year 6, pupils are welcomed into our family and supported by an excellent pastoral team.

It is an inclusive comprehensive school. We accept pupils of all abilities and needs. Although we give priority to children of practising Christian families, we accept children of other faiths and none where vacancies permit.

It is a forward-looking school. We have a proud heritage stretching back over 250 years, but our focus is on the future. We are committed to providing the best education appropriate to the adults of the 21st century.


with Mr Braithwaite

Prospectus & Application Form

School Prospectus


Our school is its own admissions authority and any application is to be made using the school’s own application form. Bury LA coordinates admissions for all schools on transfer from primary school to secondary school. Prospective parents who would like to query the LA regarding the school’s admission arrangements should contact The LA Admissions Team

Explore our School

Watch and listen as our Heads of Department talk about what your child can expect to learn and experience in each subject.


with Mrs Foster


with Mrs Brannon-Barnett


with Miss Haigh

Religious Education

with Mrs Stedman

Modern Foreign Languages

with Mrs Rogers

Physical Education

with Mr Connolly


with Mr Kanter


with Mr Hanson

Computer Science & IT

with Mr Redmond & Mrs McMaster

Music & Drama

with Mr Battye & Ms Fyfe

Art & Technology

with Mr Wilson & Mrs Manning