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Sports Report 7 - 2017/18

Badminton Competition v Bury Grammar School for Boys
19 students from Year 9 attended a friendly Badminton competition against Bury Grammar School for Boys. The competition took place at Bury Church.
Timed games consisted of singles and doubles games with overall points scored being taken after every round of games.
The games were really close but finished 432 points to Bury Church and 444 points to Bury Grammar.
Well done to all the students who took part.
It is hoped in the next academic year that more regular fixtures for Badminton will take place each half term.
Under 13’s Boys Cricket
The Under 13’s Boys Cricket team played two games against Woodhey and Elton.
Bury Church beat Woodhey in a game where both teams bowled 16 overs.
Bury Church then beat Elton and this game came down to the final over with Bury Church winning by 1 run.
Girls Rounders Results
Mon 25th June: Year 7, 8 and 9 AWAY @Gabs – Rounders.
Year 8 & 9 Won.
Year 7 lost by 1/2.
Tues 26th June: Year 7 Rally AWAY @ Phillips – Rounders.
Lost against Phillips, Won against Monica’s, Lost against Parrenthorn, Won against Gabs.
Came Joint 2nd in our league.
Tues 12th June: Year 9 Rally AWAY @ Phillips – Rounders
Drew against Bury Grammar, Lost against Parrenthorn, Lost against Phillips.
Sports Day 2018 Report
The 2018 Bury Church Sports Day took place on Tuesday 19th June in the afternoon. This was a whole school event on the school field with all students either competing or spectating. Some events had to take place on Monday 18th June. It was fantastic to see so many students competing for their form groups. There was a great atmosphere on the school field for Sports Day 2018.
Form groups in each year group competed against each other with a form group from every year group winning overall.
For the first time this year we also have an overall champion based on form groups from different year groups working together to gain points. The forms that worked together from different year groups were all linked to ‘Christian Sporting Role Models’.
Some new and more inclusive events were introduced for Sports Day 2018 with the sack race and tug of war taking place.
Mr Dorey also returned to watch Sports Day 2018 and it was great to him see back at school following his retirement from teaching last summer. Overall Sports Day 2018 went really well and a big thank you must go to all the staff and students in school.
The results and new school records are shown below:

Year 7

1st: 7UG (KI) with 78 Points
2nd: 7CG (BR) with 72 Points
3rd: 7YG (DM) with 65 Points
4th: 7BG (NM) with 60 Points
5th: 7RG (RKR) with 51 Points
6th: 7EG (SW) with 50 Points
Year 8
1st: 8YL (PC) with 89 Points
2nd: 8RL (NB and CF) with 83 Points
3rd: 8BL (CHG) with 65 Points
4th: 8UL (HJ) with 56 Points
Joint 5th: 8CL (SB and JF) and 8EL (AG) with 52 Points
Year 9
1st: 9RN (MC) with 88 Points
Joint 2nd: 9BN (HS) and 9UN (VP) with 79 Points
4th: 9YN (NP) with 69 Points
5th: 9CN (JN) with 59 Points
6th: 9EN (CRS) with 52 Points
Year 10
1st: 10RB (LWY) with 96 Points
Joint 2nd: 10BB (YA) and 10EB (TG) with 77 Points
4th: 10UB (BT) with 72 Points
5th: 10CB (LC) with 65 Points
6th: 10YB (T M) with 62 Points
New School Records 2018
Year 7 Boys Shot Putt: Andrew from 7YY (DM’s Form) threw 8.85 metres. The previous record was 8.82 metres from 2002.
Year 8 Girls 4 x 100 Metres: 8YL (PC’s Form) ran 57.96 in the 4 x 100 metre relay. The previous record was 57.98 from 1999. The team consisted of Robyn, Beth, Gina and Abi.
Year 10 Girls Discus: Leonie from 10CB (LC’s Form) threw 25.10 metres. The previous record was 23.51 metres in 2017.
Year 10 Boys 1500 Metres: Josh from 10EB (TG’s Form) ran 4.37 in the 1500 metres. The previous record was 4.38.10 from 2000.

The table for Overall Champions can be downloaded here

Well done to all the students who took part in Sports Day 2018, who have attended extra-curricular PE clubs over this academic year and who have represented school at sport over this academic year.