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Letter to a President 'Prize Winners'

We can all remember the feeling of lockdown: learning from home, staring at Teams all day and feeling like we spent all of our time within the same four walls. That’s why, when asked if I wanted to run a competition for pupils to write a letter to the new President and Vice President of the United States, I jumped at the chance. Alongside Miss Brook, I have been holding Teams meetings after school during lockdown for a group of pupils who decided that they wanted their views to be heard at the highest level, with the aim of submitting their letters to professors at the University of Manchester and potentially having some sent to the President himself.

We have discussed, debated, criticised and praised a number of aspects in today’s society – namely regarding the environment, equality and education – and have had loads of fun doing so. Those involved showed maturity with just the right level of opinion to make the sessions feel fun and thought-provoking for everyone involved, teachers included!

We had electrifying guest appearances: from Mr. Hanson, who discussed the environment and sparked a discussion about how America and the U.K both have a responsibility to this world-wide issue; and Mrs. Martin, who spoke at length about her thoughts on equality and why it is so important from both an ethical and a historical viewpoint.

Without the hard work of the teachers and pupils involved, I would not be able to share the amazing news with you all that not only have we had the opportunity to express our views and thoughts on important issues, but we have also produced award-winners at a national level. The University of Manchester has chosen Benjamin Mulelu, Owen Knott and Saint Adams as winners from a ‘strong field’ of competitors across the country.

Benjamin has won a runner-up prize for the Y11 entries, with Owen and Saint both winning commendation prizes for their age groups. We are super proud of all of you and have really enjoyed working with everybody who was involved in our ‘Letter to a President Competition.’ Well done!

Mr. Pilkington and Miss Brook

Owen Saint