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The Orienteering Heaton Park Event

One Saturday morning in October, the Bury CE High School Orienteering Team travelled to Heaton Park to compete in British Schools Score Orienteering Championships. The night before I was so excited that I could not sleep! It certainly lived up to its expectations. First of all the whole team met up at the Stables Café. Once the whole team had arrived we walked up to Heaton Hall and just in front of it we set up a small tent. Since it was quite sunny we managed to take a very good picture.

Because I was competing in the Year 7 Girls category, I was allowed to race in a pair. I ran with one of my best friend Bella. We were last on the setting off sheet so we had a very long wait before we were even allowed to go up to get started. We were entertained for a while because we chatted with Brook and Ruby who were starting 15 minutes before us. When it was our turn to start, we walked up to the start checkpoint and got given all the equipment we needed. This included: a dibber, a whistle and a map (of course!). We listened to the countdown. 5…4…3…2…1…GO! We straight away could see Control 1. Now this event was a score event. The difference between a score event and a classic event is that in a classic event you have to go from 1 to 2 to 3 and so on but in a score event you can go to whichever control you want and each control you find gives you a score. F or example, you could go from 1 to 13 if it would be easiest for you. Anyway, we went from control 1 to 2 to 3 to 6 to 9 to 11 to 12 to 5 to 4. Then by that point we had 2 minutes to get to the finish! If we were late to the finish they would deduct points from our score! For every minute we were late they deducted 5 points! We finished just in time so didn’t lose any points. Here are some pictures of the team finishing.

After the race practically, all of us got ice cream! After the race Mr Gray told us that we might be in with a chance of a medal! We were all extremely excited so we patiently waited for the girls group medals to be awarded. In the meantime, we were all kept occupied, thanks to a wasp. After a long time, we finally found out the scores. The Year 7 and 8 Girls team came… third! We got bronze medals!

The girls orienteering team: Jessica, Brogan, Eloise, Brooke, Rhianna, Olivia, Bella and me, Zarmina.

To finish off I would like to say that all the orienteering team did amazingly and I am very proud of them all. Zarmina, Year 7