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Governors’ information and duties

Governors are people with varied backgrounds and interests. Governors play a vital part in helping all children in the school. It is an important and worthwhile job within the local community.

The Governing Body of Bury CE High School is comprised of twelve Governors who all have an interest in the school and who want to help, by working together as a cohesive group of people to support the school to make positive progress for all its stakeholders.

Six Governors are appointed as Foundation Governors, of which one is appointed by the Diocesan Board of Education, three appointed by local Deaneries and three appointed by Bury Parish Church Parochial Church Council. The Rector of Bury serves as an ex-officio Governor during his or her appointment as Rector to the Bury Parish. Four non-foundation Governors are appointed, three of which are parent Governors and one as staff Governor, all appointed via nominations and ballot. The Headteacher is appointed as the Headteacher Governor and remains on the Governing Body during his or her appointment. This is also known as an ex-officio appointment. However Governors are appointed, they all bring to the Governing Body a much-appreciated range of knowledge, skills and experience.

Currently there is one main meeting each term, held in the evening, and Governors are also expected to serve on at least one of the other committees: Resources or Curriculum & Standards, which also meet once per term.

If you have any questions or would like more information, please don’t hesitate to contact the Clerk to Governors, Mrs. Michelle Johnson on clerk@burychurch.bury.sch.uk.

Governing Body 2022/23 - Updated September 2022

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