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Collective Worship

School Assemblies - Trinity 1

School staff and local clergy will be providing virtual assemblies which follow the themes for each week below:

W/b Theme Bible Verse Clips Booklet
19th April Batten of Hope! Hebrews 6:19-20 Topic clip
Song Wonderful World by Louis Armstrong:
26th April Courage! Hero to Zero John 15:13-17 Theme Clip
“Heroes” by David Bowie - sung by the Coach Choir
3rd May Humility Philippians 2:5-11 So, lets watch a clip about the Brownlee Brothers.
LISTEN: ‘Majesty’, by the band Delirious
10th May Love The Good Samaritan: Luke 10:25-37
Mark 12: 28-31
YouTube clip - The Good Samaritan
Luke 10:25-37 or Mark 12: 28-31
17th May Patience Luke 17: 7-10 (NRSV) Game 1min Patience game (whole class can do this)
YouTube clip about Patience
‘Patience’ – Guns ‘n Roses.
‘Patience’ – Take That
24th May Kindness Luke 19:1-10 You can watch the story, of Zacchaeus 6min.
WATCH: ‘The Science of Kindness’

#FaithAtHome Series 2 - How do we flourish together?

Each session will centre around an encounter Jesus has with someone in the Bible, which helps us explore the themes below. There will be resources for all year groups. For each theme, we will provide a series of short film clips, tutor resource pack and a range of home-based activities:

Date Theme Video Resources
28 Sep Key Festival: Harvest No Video Resources
5 Oct Why do we belong together? Video Resources
19 Oct How do we know we are loved? Video Resources
2 Nov How do we get back on track? Video Resources
16 Nov How do we make sense of our feelings? Video Resources
30 Nov How do we face our fears? Video Resources
Early Nov Key Festivals: Advent and Christmas Video Resources
7 Dec How can we have hope for tomorrow? Video Resources
More information about Faith At Home can be found here.

#FaithAtHome Series 1

The Church of England are running Faith at Home which is a national campaign that builds on the work of Growing Faith and Everyday Faith to support the faith development and pastoral care of children and young people. They are releasing a short video each Friday on the themes listed below.

Date Theme Video Resources
8th May Hope Video Resources
15th May Courage Video Resources
22nd May Love Video Resources
29th May Humility Video Resources
5th June Patience Video Resources
12th June Resilience Video Resources
19th June Kindness Video Resources
26th June Generosity Video Resources
3rd July Vulnerability Video Resources
10th July Compassion Video Resources
17th July Flourishing Video Resources
More information about Faith At Home can be found here.

Christian Ethos and values

As a Church of England school, the Christian ethos and values that we hold are central to the daily life of the school. Collective worship is integral to the start of every day. This enables us to place God at the centre of our learning and enables pupils to start each day with reflection and prayer.

Collective worship in our school

Collective worship takes place on a daily basis and takes place either as form worship, year assembly, or key stage assembly. Visiting speakers regularly deliver worship and this enables pupils to encounter a range of members of the clergy from the local community. Assemblies cover themes which relate to the school ethos and also follow the Christian calendar throughout the year. Additionally, pupils complete activities in form time which feed into assemblies. For example, reflecting on what we receive from the environment during Harvest, completing 40 acts of kindness during Lent and considering thankfulness during Easter term.

Additionally, pupils will have the opportunity to participate in communions with their form and also their year group. Again, this follows the Christian calendar throughout the year.

Special services are held at particular times of year, including Remembrance Day, the Carol service and also the Commissioning service for our Year 11 pupils as they embark upon the next stage of their academic career.

Full School Year of Seasonal Acts of Worship in Assemblies

Christmas 1

Harvest, Food bank, Urban Outreach, Coloured sand jar

Christmas 2

Advent Candles and school prayer, Remembrance pictures on screen in assembly, and the Posada Nativity starts its journey round the homes of pupils and staff.

Easter 1

Scrolls of thanks, each form brings a thankful prayer scroll to the fish in assembly.

Easter 2

Lent 40 Acts of generosity, making a difference in our school community.

Trinity 1

Easter: Pascal candle and school prayer.

Trinity 2

Trinity: Describing attributes of God as God, Father, Son or Holy Spirit. Place note on Pyramid in assembly.