Values & Ethos

The Governors and staff of Bury Church of England High School are committed to the provision of a high quality education within the context of Christian values.

We want to help our pupils become fulfilled, self-motivated, independent, responsible, worshipping and caring members of society. We want them to set themselves high standards and aim for excellence in all they do. We want to help them to develop an enthusiasm for learning and to go on learning, developing and growing to become completely the people they have the potential to become.

At the heart of this commitment is the notion of the uniqueness and infinite worth of the individual, that every person’s being is valuable in the eyes of God.

We also believe that if each child feels valued as an individual with an important contribution to make then, in turn, each pupil will learn to value others.

We are determined to work to enable the school to:

  • pursue its commitment to Christian values and principles, to be a worshipping community and to continue learning as it looks to Jesus Christ and faces the challenge of the Gospel in its life and work,
  • sustain a broad and balanced curriculum which meets the needs of pupils, promotes their spiritual, moral, cultural, intellectual, emotional and physical development, encourages them in a healthy and safe lifestyle and prepares them for economic wellbeing and the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of adult life,
  • provide a positive environment in which all pupils, irrespective of ability, age,gender, ethnic or social background, may have equal opportunities to achieve their potential and to enjoy doing so,
  • foster and maintain an ethos which is supportive to all members of the school community and enables them to use their talents to the full, encourages positive attitudes towards others and ensures that all feel valued, cared for and secure.
  • promote strong collaboration with parents, the Church and the wider community to enable us to provide the best possible learning opportunities for our pupils and to serve and draw strength from our partners in society.