Paris Trip 2010

trips_paris_goofyThe following is Mr Guests’ account of the trip. This account was originally intended for the Grapevine hence any references to space limitations. As the only member of staff who had never been on a school trip Mr Guests’ experience was unique.

“Summarising the recent school trip to Paris/Euro-Disney into a concise paragraph is very difficult – there are just too many fond memories. Many words spring to mind when thinking about the trip, but three seem most apt: fun, exciting, and often (for me at least) scary! Being surrounded by 64 teenagers though wasn’t the scary part; that was the fun part. With a severe fear of heights, standing at the top of the Eiffel tower at 10:00pm was scary to say the least (with at least one pupil agreeing). Standing on a stage with 30+ cameras flashing whilst two (very talented) performers juggled batons millimetres from my face whilst knocking a cigarette out of my mouth was intimidating.

trips_paris_testimonial2New friendships were formed through pure fear whilst I was being thrown around a small carriage on the Space Mountain ride and dropping, for what seemed like forever, in a lift on the Tower of Terror ride in Disney. And finally being subjected to Mamma Mia on the coach (and trips_paris_testimonial1I’m sure Mr Jackson would agree and Mr Dorey disagree) struck the most fear of all into me. There is an almost endless list of other things we saw, experienced and simply laughed at that cannot be fitted into such a short space. A brilliant time was had by all, pupils and staff alike.

P.S. Did I mention I met Goofy?”