Iceland Trip 2012

iceland-trip-studentsIn February 2012 40 pupils from Years 10 and 11 embarked on an overseas trip to the fascinating country of Iceland. During the field trip, pupils visited and explored a range of sights that fit into three of the six topics they are studying throughout their Geography GCSE; The Costal Zone, Ice on the Land, and Restless Earth.

“The purpose of the trip was to enhance our geographical studies of glacial features and the coast. After an epic journey via Copenhagen we landed at Keflavik Airport in Iceland and were transferred by coach to our hotel in Reykjavik. On Day 1 we looked at the Reykjanes Peninsula in South West Iceland where we viewed fissures and realised the importance of the geothermal potential in the area. This day included a visit to the phenomenal and extremely popular Blue Lagoon where we were treated to a delicious bathe in the milky blue seawater, where temperatures are kept between 36-39ºC all year round and where the blue-green algae which create the inviting colour also help to soften and nourish the skin.”

iceland-trip-snowBut there were more exhilarating Blue Lagoon in Iceland experiences to come—standing on the Mid-Atlantic Ridge was a unique experience, the plates were clearly divided by new lava fields at least 3km apart. This was awesome!!! Mother Nature’s water features were prolific. The Skógafoss Waterfall is a good example of a ‘curtain’ waterfall tumbling 60 metres. We were all drenched to the skin by the dynamic spray of the waterfall. Waterproofs were essential! The enormity of the mass of ice in the Solheima Jokull glacier was a sight to behold, to sit and explore it with all our senses was euphoric.

iceland-tripEveryday in Iceland was exciting and different. We saw the power of fire and ice in the space of five days. My favourite experience was when we visited the Mid-Atlantic Ridge. It was a spectacularly beautiful area but it also showed me the natural power of the earth. Luckily we had some sunny spells whilst we were there so it showed the country in an amazing light. What also made the trip so great was the fact that Ian, our tour guide, was really passionate about Iceland. Everything there was incredible and it is hard to put into words how beautiful it is. I will definitely be going back in the future to see what other incredible natural wonders Iceland contains.”

by Katie Bevan and Helen Readyhough