Extra Curricular Activities and Trips

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At Bury Church of England High School we offer a wide and diverse extracurricular programme. The opportunities offered to pupils are constantly changing and being updated so it is best to find out details of the activities currently running on a daily basis in the pupil bulletin.

Children’s University™


Since 2011, all of our extra-curricular activities have been accredited, validated and quality assured by The Children’s University and QiSS. We are proud of the quality of our extra-curricular programme, and value the impact is has on our pupils and the entire school community.

Children’s University is an international critically-acclaimed charity which encourages all children aged 5 to 14 years to try new experiences, develop new interests and acquire new skills through participation in innovative and creative Learning Activities outside of the school day.

Learning Activities are designed to:

  • raise aspiration, self-esteem & confidence
  • encourage curiosity and a love of learning
  • enhance motivation and build resilience
  • introduce new life experiences
  • offer progression in learning and personal skills development

Further details of some of these activities can be found below as well as within individual subject information. Enquiries should be made to individual subject leaders for details of specific activities.

For further details about Children’s University, please visit the Children’s University website.

Latest Children’s University news

Graduation news…

childrens uni

Children’s University Volunteers graduate at Liverpool Hope University

Our Children’s University Passport to Volunteering holders got the opportunity to attend Liverpool Hope University on Friday 18th March in their final cap and gown awards ceremony as pupils of Bury CE High School. The afternoon gave credit to those pupils who, week in and week out, give up their own valuable time to ensure the smooth running of the school library, school sport, worship and school council, to name just a few of the accredited Children’s University activities that run here at Bury Church. Pupils were also rewarded for the time they commit to volunteering in activities outside of school such as youth groups and uniformed organisations.

On the day, pupils got the opportunity to talk to the student ambassadors of Liverpool Hope University who took them on a tour of the campus. They then received their award in a graduation ceremony, led by Professor Bill Chambers from Liverpool Hope University who praised pupils for their commitment to volunteering. During his speech he commented on how the confidence the pupils had gained from the graduate’s experiences of volunteering was evident from their smiles and their very presence. Helen O’Donnell, the new CEO of Children’s University Trust who also briefly addressed pupils, encouraged them to “never ever stop learning and to always aim high.”

We now look forward to the 2016 graduation of our younger pupils at Bolton University on Saturday 2 July.


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Activity Art Club
Available to All year groups

Tues, Wed, Thurs Lunch time with Mr Kneale. The opportunity to complete classwork and coursework topics and extend Artistic skills

Activity Extra Art session
Available to Year 10 & 11

Wednesday after school with Mrs Manning. Opportunity to complete classwork and coursework projects and extend Art skills.

Activity Homework Club
Available to All year groups

Every Friday after school in the library.

Activity Charities Group
Available to All year groups

Usually meet on a Monday Lunchtime.

D of E
Activity Duke of Edinburgh's Award
Available to Year 10

Usually meet on a Wednesday after school. Participants with work through the 4 sections of the Bronze award, including Expedition training before the 2 day expedition.

Activity Rebels of Gas Street
Available to All year groups

Usually meet on a Thursday after school.

Activity Fantasy Football League
Available to Staff, Parents and Students

Runs all year and everyone can take part. Involves Mathematics and ICT skills.

Activity Languages Club
Available to All year groups

We learn new languages (Spanish, Italian, Swahili), play games, do drama, watch foreign language films, contact schools abroad, make films, sing, try out foreign food, and lots more!

Activity Band
Available to All year groups

The school band have a 1 hour practise every Wednesday after school. The band perform at a number of special school events thoughout the school year.

Activity Music Lessons
Available to All year groups

All students have the chance to learn an instrument of their choice when at school. Pupils can book a lesson once a week with an external music tutor.

Activity MAD House
Available to All year groups

Organised by the school’s Christian Union during Thursday lunchtimes.

Activity STEM
Available to All year groups

STEM is a fun group for Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths. Meetings are on Mondays after school. To find out more visit the STEM page.

Sport for all
Activity PE Department Extra-curricular Timetable
Available to All year groups

PE Extra-Curricular Timetable for October, November & December 2019

The new and updated PE extra-curricular timetable for September & October 2019 can be found using this link.
PE Extra-Curricular 2 2019 to 2020


Educational Visits

There are a number of visits and trips organised which are available to pupils during their time at Bury Church of England High School.

These may range from short visits within our local community, to one day trips to places further away, for example the Cathedrals in Liverpool or more complex residential visits within the UK or overseas.

During the 2013 – 2014 academic school year approximately 45 trips were arranged.

Although these are subject to change, the current list of residential visits is placed below so you can consider which ones may interest you for your child in advance; there are also links which give some further details of proposed or past trips.

Purpose Venue Time of Year Open to Cost
Enrichment Southern Africa Expedition July 2013 Year 9 & 10 £3000
To complete the Duke of Edinburgh Award Various – for example Waddow Hall, Clitheroe and the West Pennine Moors September 2013, March, May & June 2014 Key Stage 4 £125
Personal, Social & Emotional Development Year 7 Residential in Wales October 2013 & September 2014 (Annually) Year 7 £135
History & Religious Studies Enrichment Rome October 2013 Key Stage 3 & 4 £625
History & Languages Enrichment Berlin February 2014
Year 10 £520
English, Drama, Literature Enrichment London Theatre Visit February 2014
Key Stage 4 £265
Languages, Social/Cultural Enrichment French Exchange April & May 2014
Year 9 £550

Trips that have been already been planned for the 2014 – 2015 academic year.

Purpose Venue Time of Year Open to Cost
Social/Cultural and Personal Development Disneyland Paris October 2014 Key Stage 3 & 4 £725
History & Languages Enrichment Berlin February 2015 Year 10 £550
Geography Enrichment Iceland February 2015 Year 9 & 10 £890
English, Drama, Literature Enrichment London Theatre Visit March 2015 Key Stage 4 £290
English and Geography Enrichment USA July 2015 Year 9 & 10 £2000

Past Trips