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Apply to study at Bury Church of England High School

Dear Parents

Thank you for your interest in our school.

This is a church school, not only in name but also in character. We are proud of its Christian heritage and ethos, and we hope that you will sense its special character in all your contacts with people here.

It is a caring school. Our small size and our pastoral organisation allow us to get to know our pupils very well, and to ensure that problems do not go unnoticed or unattended.

It is an inclusive comprehensive school. We accept pupils of all abilities and needs. Although we give priority to children of practising Christian families, we accept children of other faiths and none where vacancies permit.

It is a school which over time has consistently attained good results. We are usually one of the top high schools in the Bury league table, and our success encompasses our less able pupils as much as our most able.

It is a forward-looking school. We have a proud heritage stretching back over 250 years, but our focus is on the future. We are committed to providing the best education appropriate to the adults of the 21st century.

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Apply to work at Bury Church of England High School

If you are interested in applying for any of the advertised vacancies please select either the PDF or Word links below to download an information pack. The required application forms may be completed on your computer and submitted to school as email attachments or completed manually and submitted in a postal envelope. Alternatively, if you are having problems completing a download, please contact the School Office for a paper copy to be sent to you. Full details for submission of applications is provided in each information pack.
Job Title Deadline Information
MATHEMATICS LEARNING ASSISTANT Noon on Monday 1st October 2018 PDF DocumentDownload
Word DocumentDownload
CLASSROOM LEARNING ASSISTANT noon on Monday 1st October 2018 PDF DocumentDownload
Word DocumentDownload

Please note, all the downloads are contained in a zip file. To open the documents click on one of the blue links above. Depending on the internet browser you are using you may be offered the option of saving, opening or extracting the zip file or the browser may immediately download the file to your computer. Each zip file contains an application information pack and an application form, as two separate documents.

Please e-mail completed application forms to: offman@burychurch.bury.sch.uk

If you send in an application by e-mail we will send an acknowledgement back. If you do not receive this reply within one working day, the application has not been received and you should send your application again or by another means.

If you do not have access to email or Microsoft Word please print and complete the .pdf version and post to:

Bury Church of England High School
Haslam Brow

  To view the .pdf files you will need to install Adobe Reader. This is a free to download program from www.adobe.com. Click the graphic to download the program.